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Sleep Fairies provide parents with a range of exceptional Maternity Nurse and Parent Support Services offering realistically priced tailor-made support packages to suit the needs of our clients throughout the UK, London and Internationally.

We recruit and supply the very best Maternity Nurses, Night Nannies, Baby Nannies, Sleep Trainers, Midwives, Doulas and Breast Feeding Consultants that have been thoroughly interviewed, reference, identification and CRB checked by us before we can recommend them.

Our tailor-made Parent Support Packages consist of tailor-made Sleep Training Packages offering a FREE sleep programme; which if followed consistently will enable you to get your baby or toddler sleeping better within days, our Maternity Mini-Packages to welcome home mother and baby during the first week of the baby’s arrival; providing parents with a highly experienced Maternity Nurse who will reassure and support the parent/s on all aspects of new-born care during this special time, and, our Pampering Packages that provide a variety of feel good services for pre-natal and post-natal mums in the comfort of their home.

We offer a Parent Rescue Support Line that provides an online Skype and telephone consultation service for parents needing reassurance, guidance and support when it is not necessary to have a Home Consultation. Our qualified Midwives and our highly Experienced Maternity Nurses can advise on sleep and feeding routines, breast-feeding, reflux, weaning, post-natal depression, health and safety and most aspects of caring for your baby.

Sleep Fairy Godmothers (multi-skilled home helps’) Sleep Fairies recognise that not all parents have a mum nearby to listen, support and help them with their baby/babies, siblings and household management at this precious time. Our unique and unrivalled Sleep Fairy Godmother Service has been formed to provide more affordable, flexible, practical help and support to parents. Our Sleep Fairy Godmothers are multi-skilled, have heaps of common sense, life and childcare experience and can adapt their work hours to suit our client’s requirements, so whether you want a few hours per week, part-time or full time hours we will have a Sleep Fairy Godmother to suit you.

If you have the qualities and experience to become a Sleep Fairy Godmother for us, or are interested in becoming a Maternity Nurse then we would love to hear from you.

Our aim is to provide a refreshingly rewarding Maternity Care Service that is accessible and appealing to the needs of parents, by providing them with a range of affordable and flexible services. We believe in bringing generations of mothers together, sharing knowledge and skills, empowering mothers and in celebrating motherhood and parenthood. We offer continuous, on-going support to all of our candidates and clients and are always happy to help them with their contracts.

Jacqueline Stubbings
Director of Sleep Fairies