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Empowering parents with knowledge and technique!

Parents needing to go back to work as soon as possible, tell us this is a very useful service.

If you are a parent, needing help with establishing your baby's or toddler’s sleep routine and your baby is at least 12 weeks old, then this option is perfect for you.

This is how it works:

  • Your first call will be to our Consultant to discuss and identify any problems you are having regarding your baby or toddler’s erratic sleep patterns. We will then match you with a Sleep Training Consultant who will contact you to arrange an Initial Home Consultation.
  • You may be asked to keep a 24 hour diary (to be sent to your consultant before the Initial Home Consultation) detailing all the sleep times, feeding times, bedtime routine, behaviours of your baby/toddler and how you dealt with them. This will help your Consultant to have a clearer understanding of your situation before the Initial Home Consultation and save you time and money later.
  • During your Initial Home Consultation you will be asked about your pre and post natal health history, illnesses, diet and lifestyle to determine any relevant factors that may be affecting your baby’s sleep and feeding cycle. Your Consultant will then share her knowledge with you about the different levels of sleep and the significance, the effects of quality sleep and sleep deprivation on the 24 hour cycle and the importance of a good bed-time/bath-time routine.
  • Your consultant will then discuss where she thinks the changes need to be made, how these can be implemented and how she can teach, guide and support you to achieve a good sleep routine for your baby.
  • You may find that you only need to make slight changes and that this consultation is enough for you to solve any minor problems, or you may want to opt for one of our Sleep Training Packages.
  • You can then discuss a Sleep Training Package that suits you and your baby!

Your Sleep Training Consultant will support, encourage, guide and inspire you to use a few tricks of her trade, by sharing scientifically proven sleep techniques that will enable you to get your baby sleeping much better within days. Through teaching your baby this necessary life-skill of settling to sleep by itself, you will aid the creative development of your baby and you and your family will not need to suffer from months and years of sleep deprivation. By practising the techniques that you have been taught by your Sleep Trainer consistently, you will find you can stay focused, in control, confident and able to implement and manage your baby’s or child’s sleep routine in the future.

Sleep Fairies are in the business of promoting quality sleep for parents and babies, making sleep deprivation a thing of the past.

Call us today to arrange a Consultation and a Sleep Training Package that suits you and your baby.

maternity packages

Our 2 day or 3 day Mini-Packages provide paractical help, advice and support to parents during the first week with their new-born baby, so that parents (and grandparents) can all relax, enjoy and welcome the baby home.

Sleep Fairies know how important it is for new parents to get off to a good start as soon as you arrive home from hospital with your baby. We are here to make your experience a whole lot easier. If you’re a mum, parent or grandparent wishing for a highly experienced and skilled Maternity Nurse to settle baby in to a routine smoothly and quickly during the first week, then your wish is granted!

Your Maternity Nurse will accompany you and your baby home from the hospital (if required) and be with you in your home giving you guidance, reassurance and support in all of the following, to get you and your baby/babies settled in the first week of this precious time:

Breast feeding guidance and advice (bringing baby to you for all the feeds, making sure baby latches on/off properly, bringing you a glass of water to drink whilst you breastfeed, bond and relax with your baby/babies)
Teach you how to express, freeze and store your breast milk
Bottle feeding with formula or breast milk (MN will show you/your partner how, but do this for you whilst you get some sleep)
Show you how to wind your baby
Sterilisation of bottles, dummies (MN will show you/your partner how, but do this for you)
Bathing your baby (MN will help you/your partner to do this until you feel confident)
Show you how to massage your baby after bath time
Dressing and Changing nappies (MN will show you/your partner how, but do this for you)
Washing baby’s clothes and bedding (MN will do this for you during her stay)
Cot Safety (MN will show you/your partner the correct way to lay baby in the cot (government guidelines will be given on this)
Identify possible reflux (MN will explain this and what you can do)
Looking after Mum (MN will encourage you to rest and recover from the birth or c section of your baby, ensuring you get some good sleep, make sure you are comfortable, that you eat well and feel you can discuss any of your concerns about looking after baby)
After Care Service (MN will be available by phone or email support for 1 week after her stay

If you would like to book one of our Maternity Mini-Packages as a gift to someone, or for yourself and your baby, we advise that you call us well in advance of the due date to ensure your 1st choice of Maternity Nurse. Alternative packages can be arranged by request.