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Maternity Nurses

Our maternity nurses are all mature, highly qualified, experienced and skilled individuals that are hand-picked by us to offer you an excellent and discreet service.

Many our maternity nurses are mothers themselves and all come from a nursing, midwifery or a new born care background, so you can rest assured that you are in good hands. They will take good care of you and your baby, so that you can relax and recover from the birth or c section. We advise you to get in touch with us early to ensure your 1st choice of maternity nurse, as they take bookings well in advance of the due dates to plan their own schedules. Your Maternity Nurse will live in your home with you for 6-12 weeks from the birth of your baby, twins or triplets and will guide, teach, work as a team with you and be available 24/5-24/6 and charge a fee reflecting the level of her experience. Whether you require a night nurse or maternity nurse temporarily, daily, part-time or full-time, we are here to help. All of our maternity nurses will reassure, support and advise you (if required) on all of the following aspects of new-born care:

Feeding and Sleep routines (a diary should be kept for these)
Breast feeding (Latching on/off and positioning)
Breast pumps (How to use, when to use)
Storing and freezing breast milk
Formula feeding
How to wind your baby
Sterilising bottles and other equipment
Bathing baby
Swaddling baby
Changing nappies
Dressing baby
Identifying possible Colic/Reflux and what to do
Cot safety (how to lay baby safely in cot)
Looking after you; allowing you to rest and recover from giving birth or c section. Bringing you water whilst breast-feeding, making sure you eat, listening to you and responding in a supportive and reassuring way.
Post-natal Depression support and correctly advise on recognition or disclosure of symptoms

Sleep deprivation makes us feel exhausted and fatigued and longing for unbroken sleep. Our lovely Night Nannies allow you to catch up on much needed quality sleep, whilst they use their knowledge and experience to ease your baby through the night; leaving you feeling fresh and re-vitalised and ready to focus the next day. Night Nannies usually arrive at your home between 9-10pm and leave the following morning around 7-8am depending on the times you have mutually arranged. The Night Nanny will perform all of the following duties for you:

Sterilisation of bottles/soothers
Preparation of Night Feeds
Delivering Night Feeds/or/Bringing baby to you for Breastfeed
Changing Nappies
Settling baby to sleep
Dressing baby for the morning
Record all feed times, sleep times and how your baby has been
Leave everything clean and tidy

Our Junior Night Nannies will have had less than 5 years of experience and are very keen to gain more. They may be a Newly Qualified Nanny or one of our mature multi-skilled Sleep Fairy Godmothers who all have an up-to-date Paediatric First Aid Certificate, CRB, Excellent References and have been through our thorough interview and selection process. The benefits are that they charge less than an experienced and qualified Maternity Nurse, making them more affordable option to more parents.

If you want to book a Night Nanny then call us, or send us an email and we will get right back to you.

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Why use a Sleep Fairies Breast Feeding Consultant?

We are the only Maternity agency to insist that our Breast Feeding Consultants are experienced Breast Feeding Mothers themselves and trained and accredited Maternity Nurses or Midwives who can understand and empathise with the Mothers they are helping.

Our Breast Feeding Consultants provide holistic based care that is tailored to the unique experience of each individual woman; a personal service with home-visits, private telephone conversations, discretion and complete confidentiality.

They have helped many women to overcome breast feeding problems; using the correct techniques of alignment, latching on correctly so that baby can swallow milk, advice on sore breasts, nipples, and mastitis, advice on too much or too little milk, making sure that your breast feeding experience becomes trouble free and enjoyable.

Our Midwife Breast Feeding Consultants have helped hundreds of women to give birth, to breast feed on their own and are highly experienced with multiple-infants and premature babies, looking after post c-section mothers and all aspects of post natal and new-born care and behaviour.

If you would like to book one of our Breast Feeding Consultants then contact us as we are here to help you.